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by benyazzar
22 January 2013, 01:53
Forum: General
Topic: Goodbye!
Replies: 24
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Re: Goodbye!

thanks for your dedication dude!!! best of luck on your new post!
by benyazzar
19 October 2012, 16:49
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: Does 1TTD change the nature of the game?
Replies: 19
Views: 3912

Re: Does 1TTD change the nature of the game?

I usually play Skaven and I know how difficult it is for my opponents to stop a 1ttd. I lose games when: -I lose too many players early on. Everything goes down from there. -My opponent manages to control the clock. -I get very unlucky in the last minute roll with the ball. My best advice to opponen...
by benyazzar
14 October 2012, 04:24
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: Khorne - your thoughts
Replies: 253
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Re: Khorne - your thoughts

Siam, your work is excellent! great job with the new teams. :D
by benyazzar
12 October 2012, 16:36
Forum: You vs AI
Topic: Grrrr Cyanide!
Replies: 20
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Re: Grrrr Cyanide!

the best fun is online. Better if you join some league where you can play with friendly people who do not disconnect. Even better that you get to brag about your triumphs or miserable losses to humans too. Besides, I believe the challenge to make the AI competitive with good human coaches is quite a...
by benyazzar
09 October 2012, 14:42
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: The Daemons of Khorne: stats
Replies: 313
Views: 52148

Re: The Daemons of Khorne: stats

Before Khorne stats were presented I was VERY CONCERNED they would be OP. I have no problems with this team as it is now. I am glad you guys went for balance rather than for power. :) I'll have to test them to see If I like to play them. But first I have to scratch the itch of playing an Underworld ...
by benyazzar
05 October 2012, 19:26
Forum: News & Announcements
Topic: Chaos Edition: the special offer for players!
Replies: 68
Views: 15971

Re: Chaos Edition: the special offer for players!

Steam, here I come!!! :D
by benyazzar
04 October 2012, 14:58
Forum: General
Topic: Release Date? FREKI
Replies: 27
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Re: Release Date? FREKI

I think I also read something about a world league of sorts. But my memory is hazy and my years too long to remember. :?:
by benyazzar
02 October 2012, 19:23
Forum: Foro general
Topic: Alguien lo ha pillado? qué trae nuevo o especial?
Replies: 13
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Re: Alguien lo ha pillado? qué trae nuevo o especial?

Los demonios Khorne es un equipo nuevo, con estadísticas nuevas (y bastante normalitas, no como aquella versión que había en la red hace años). Por lo que he visto son como norse pero con frenzy en vez de block y un par de demonios (tienen un bloodletter con garras y todo, pero sale como 180k), y no...
by benyazzar
02 October 2012, 18:51
Forum: Información de liga y reclutamiento
Topic: LUBBA - Reporte de cambio de sitio del foro
Replies: 1
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Re: LUBBA - Reporte de cambio de sitio del foro

shameless bump.

Gente, estamos siempre abiertos a recibir nuevos integrantes- en breve comienza la copa Limbo!! (solo undead teams) por más detalles ir al foro o contactar con Lembocha o conmigo (ingame: Matius).

Asimismo, nuestra pequeña liga tiene su grupo en facebook. Buscar por LUBBA.
by benyazzar
02 October 2012, 18:40
Forum: Technical Forum
Topic: Is this a bug?
Replies: 5
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Re: Is this a bug?

it is usually better and safer to play in classic mode. Much more balanced. No surprises.

And if you really want to have fun, join a private league. There's nothing like earning your reputation with human opponents.

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