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by HC-Vanselow
22 December 2013, 23:18
Forum: Technical Forum
Topic: Network Cannot Connect To Platform
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Network Cannot Connect To Platform

Recently I've been encountering the message "Network Connection Lost" or "Network cannot connect to platform" when looking to play MM in Auld World. Does anyone have suggestions or solutions on how to get around this issue ?
by HC-Vanselow
20 October 2013, 20:54
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: need adwise on human line men
Replies: 7
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Re: need adwise on human line men

:D After having coached my Citadel Centurions for approximately 25 games, I would get kick for positioning the ball on your opponents drive. Fend would be my next choice as it helps you with defensive and offensive positioning. If it's an agility heavy league, I'd go for tackle.
by HC-Vanselow
20 September 2013, 22:41
Forum: Stories & Lore
Topic: Your Best Players Right Now...
Replies: 160
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Re: Your Best Players Right Now...

:) With the Killwhackee Schmucks becoming defunct after 93 games, we see the career of "Springs" Verminstink officially finished as in 50 games he managed to bounce for 1800 + yards and score 28 touchdowns. The Sacred Mekhta Kings Thro-Ra, Wen-Amun Harakhte, now takes the helm of being the best play...
by HC-Vanselow
31 August 2013, 23:40
Forum: League Info & Recruitment
Topic: Pacific Standard Time Zone League
Replies: 0
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Pacific Standard Time Zone League

:D Greetings from sunsplashed Southern California...I'm HC Vanselow and have been playing TT Blood Bowl since 1988 (Started with Humans, Goblins and Skaven) and then one glorious day when living in Seattle my wife bought the "Blood Bowl" PC game "Home Sweet Home" from the neighbourhood Walmart. Back...
by HC-Vanselow
29 August 2013, 02:07
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: 6+6 Minotaur.. erm, spoilt!
Replies: 19
Views: 5166

Re: 6+6 Minotaur.. erm, spoilt!

;) From my previous experience coaching the Tzeentch Testament (Chaos), I'd say go for the ST 6 and give Elves Hell with "Tentacles". Is this in a League or MM ???.
by HC-Vanselow
26 August 2013, 16:59
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: To concede, or not to concede?
Replies: 31
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Re: To concede, or not to concede?

:) I'll never concede even if my Goblin or Halflings are getting thrashed by a Dwarf squad. Even losing a game doesn't bother me, I'll be satisfied enough with getting the 5 SPP to help develop a player.
by HC-Vanselow
26 August 2013, 00:57
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: The Player Name List (Quick Fun Post)
Replies: 25
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Re: The Player Name List (Quick Fun Post)

:D "Springs" Verminstink: Pogoer for the Killwhackee Schmucks who in 49 games has 28 touchdowns and 1868 yards of rushing-bouncing plus has 112 SPP and is a Block-Dodge-Sidestep "O" weapon...
by HC-Vanselow
21 August 2013, 21:43
Forum: Stories & Lore
Topic: Death by Elf
Replies: 4
Views: 2641

Re: Death by Elf

:roll: Only Elven teams which have pinned deaths on my squads are those frigging annoying Wardancers, hence the reason I'll never coach them (It took me years to get the stomach together to coach High Elves...LMAO). The headhunting harlots have cost me numerous ball carriers including my three armed...
by HC-Vanselow
21 August 2013, 21:32
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: +ST Hobgoblin?
Replies: 5
Views: 1321

Re: +ST Hobgoblin?

:x As much as I personally despise Chaos Dwarf teams, I'll chime in nonetheless. You've just found your designated ball carrier and without a doubt "Sure Hands" is a must. "Dodge" is the route to go with doubles followed by "Sure Hands" and people underestimate how much "Fend" helps too. Any ST 4 Ho...
by HC-Vanselow
20 August 2013, 04:06
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: Are there any races you refuse to use and why ???
Replies: 88
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Re: Are there any races you refuse to use and why ???

Hmmm, my 8-4-12 Green Knoll Gourmets (Halflings) would like to have a word with you. It's without a doubt a struggle to consistently be competitive with the chubby chaps with the AG skills really being nothing to get excited about, but getting "Block" and "Sidestep" on a 'Fling does wonders. Sure Or...

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