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by splendidplumage
12 July 2014, 17:28
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: Mutated Witch Elf
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Mutated Witch Elf

I just won a "chaos cup" tournament, with my dark elf team, where the winning team gets a mutation skill on whoever was their MVP for the match. The recipient is my fairly highly skilled Witch Elf. She currently has: block, side step, tackle, pro What do you think would be the best one off mutation ...
by splendidplumage
14 June 2014, 09:26
Forum: General
Topic: I think 8 teams is fine
Replies: 273
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Re: I think 8 teams is fine

Well reading the reviews posted in another thread. There are a few things said which make it sound like they may well have made quite a few changes to the rules. So if anything it looks like it is going to move further away from being an accurate representation of the tabletop rules, because they ar...
by splendidplumage
05 June 2014, 11:37
Forum: News & Announcements
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Yep so new shiny graphics. We knew that last time.

Showing us new nice pictures to look at is all well and good, but apart from the first two paragraphs the rest of the information is just cut and pasted from their last news announcement in April!

It does not tell us anything new at all.
by splendidplumage
17 January 2014, 10:24
Forum: General
Topic: Eight races at launch. Discuss.
Replies: 270
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Re: Eight races at launch. Discuss.

I've been waiting for months for them to give me a reason to want to buy BB2.
For them to give us some specific information about game features that make it better than BB1.
And they give us there are far less playable races than in the current version?
Seems like a step backwards to me.
by splendidplumage
27 September 2013, 20:10
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: Mixed-Race Teams
Replies: 4
Views: 1271

Re: Mixed-Race Teams

I think for single player or as an option in private leagues giving as many options as possible is great. I would love to be able to make our own rosters without limits for fun would be cool. To be able to make heroes of law, old evil gits, all treemen, minotaur and chaos warriors, etc. would be coo...
by splendidplumage
25 February 2013, 00:29
Forum: General
Topic: Turn length in multiplayer
Replies: 2
Views: 761

Turn length in multiplayer

Just started playing in Naggaroth.

My first game had 1 minute turns. Which just seems too short a time to activate everyone.
Are there settings I can change so that I only have to take part in 4 minute games?
by splendidplumage
18 October 2012, 13:49
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: Underworld Team
Replies: 68
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Re: Underworld Team

Your comparisions assume that an accurate pass occurred.

If comparing Catch with Diving Catch you should also account for the fact that Diving Catch will allow you a chance to catch some inaccurate passes too if the ball scatters into one of the squares adjacent to the catcher.
by splendidplumage
09 October 2011, 02:38
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: Amazon Super Blitzer
Replies: 3
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Amazon Super Blitzer

I have a blitzer on my Amazon team who already got +1 str and +1 ag. She just leveled up and rolled an 11. I think I am going to take it to get a 6 4 5 7 Block Dodge player. What should be her main role though? She can pretty much do everything better than any other player in the team. (There is a 6...

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