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by Hidoi
11 October 2015, 15:52
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: Co-op/AI leagues
Replies: 8
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Co-op/AI leagues

Hi I'd like to see the possibility of creating a Co-op/AI league. Meaning you should be able to create a league, invite your friends and fill up the remaining slots with AI. Not all of us likes pure PvP. I am a casual player and enjoy PvE but I'd still like to play with friends in a league format. T...
by Hidoi
01 March 2013, 18:49
Forum: You vs AI
Topic: Noob question about Competition.
Replies: 3
Views: 2995

Noob question about Competition.

Hellu just got the game and started a competition. I got up to the point where I played in the qualifiers, where I got to choose between two different ones. I completed the first one with no losses and it said I didn't qualify. So I started the second qualifier, again won all my games but it said I ...

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