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by Nykteas
12 April 2017, 22:27
Forum: Technical Forum
Topic: Possible exploit
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Possible exploit

Greetings Not sure if this the correct forum for this but here goes Having a good understanding of the laws of propability and holding no personal grudge i would suggest you take a look at a specific coach cause after 2 matches against him i've seen some unbeliavable odds working out. Thanks in adva...
by Nykteas
14 March 2017, 22:04
Forum: Former Seasons
Topic: New championship
Replies: 3
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New championship

Greetings Old bloodbowl player here but fairly new in the digital version and have a couple o'questions. 1.As far i can understand Championship start on the 1st of each month and last for 30 days, when can i register? 2.Do the Official Ladder games have an major tournament or do you keep playing for...

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