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by Rippys
31 May 2013, 22:55
Forum: General
Topic: I Don't Remember Blood Bowl Being This Hard
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Re: I Don't Remember Blood Bowl Being This Hard

If you do decide to play some FoL games then it's not a bad idea to say to your opponent at the start that you've just returned to BB and would welcome any advice during the game...there's a lot of very experienced coaches in FoL that I'm guessing would be more than happy to help but feel it might b...
by Rippys
07 April 2013, 17:37
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: Ogre Tactics, Strategies and Builds
Replies: 47
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Re: Ogre Tactics, Strategies and Builds

I've always gone for plenty of Pile On and an Ogre Ball carrier and think it works well. An ogre with guard is going to be marked by a lineman, an Ogre with Pile On probably isn't - and if he is he'll probably de-pitch the lineman in a turn or 2 anyways. Sure Guard (my second choice) and Pile On are...
by Rippys
24 February 2013, 21:12
Forum: Roster & Strategies
Topic: A Khorne Daemons Guide
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Re: A Khorne Daemons Guide

Thanks for this guide it's been really useful. I've only played 4 games with the team (4-0-0) but am really enjoying them. The comments about them playing a lot like Delf are spot on, it's a loose screen team that needs to use frenzy instead of dodging to manoeuvre both the opponents and themselves....

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