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by gcclaudio
04 October 2016, 22:42
Forum: Technical forum
Topic: incorrect visualization and apo use on Star player
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incorrect visualization and apo use on Star player

Hello, in the roster screen (both my team than opposing team) the totals for cheerleaders, Team RR, apo, FF and assistants are incorrect they report always 10k, 2*RR (even if you've more), 50k, 10k, 10k I was unable to use my apo on Roxana during a league match. It should be possible as the apo if a...
by gcclaudio
24 September 2015, 21:12
Forum: General
Topic: Please bring back the core rules
Replies: 100
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Re: Please bring back the core rules

I also support Psycho's request; while I feel more flexible about playing a new race (JJ wrote an article on how to build a team), the core rules need to be a common ground for all players as having pieces that behave differently in TT tournaments and on-line games is an unnecessary hassle
by gcclaudio
25 September 2014, 16:40
Forum: Technical Forum
Topic: BB:CE Can't disable Steam cloud sync
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Re: BB:CE Can't disable Steam cloud sync

I agree with you, have found the same, and would also like a solution. The issue for me is with old replays. Since the in-game replay library is limited in size and only shows the oldest ones I can't see new ones. Without the cloud sync I can move the old ones to an archive to reduce the size of th...
by gcclaudio
16 September 2014, 18:41
Forum: General
Topic: Training switch in League Creation
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Training switch in League Creation

How the training switch affects a league?
What are the settings that are not compatible with "Training"?
I tried to create a Training league, but when i save the rules it says (among other things) "Deaths: with" and if i reopen the rules screen the switch is turned off
by gcclaudio
15 August 2014, 11:57
Forum: Technical support
Topic: System requirement
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System requirement

Hi, what are system requirement for BB on android?
i tried to launch on a iha-c0801 and the game crashes before starting a match, when it shoul draw the field.
Tablet's characteristics are:
android 4.0.4
resolution 800*600
ram 512MB
CPU Cortex - A8 1.2 GHz
by gcclaudio
06 October 2012, 09:29
Forum: Technical Forum
Topic: [BBCE/BBLE] Confirmed Bugs List
Replies: 107
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Re: Blood Bowl LE Confirmed Bugs List

Stunty: when you push a stunty player in the crowd the injury roll it's not modified by the stunty skill
see the replay at 7th turn
by gcclaudio
20 September 2012, 15:04
Forum: Technical Forum
Topic: Recover a deleted Team
Replies: 6
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Recover a deleted Team

I deleted the wrong team in the team management screen (and obviously i confirmed, sigh).
Is it possible to undo the deletion?

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