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by Magius
17 September 2016, 06:06
Forum: General
Topic: Hello - new forum member
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Hello - new forum member

Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and not to have my first and only forum post to be a technical bug report :)

Long time but sporadic BB player from table top days. Just joined the forum recently as started playing MP BB2 recently.

cheers and gl & hf 8-)
by Magius
17 September 2016, 05:43
Forum: Technical forum
Topic: [PC] Lost Turn 10 in Championship Game?
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[PC] Lost Turn 10 in Championship Game?

Hi Team Focus, Playing Championship game, and I seemed to have lost Turn 10 in the second half. Other coach played his Turn 9, I was about to move my lineman from the precarious position deep in my half, couldn't move any of my guys, and me and the other coach realised it was all of a sudden his tur...

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