Let me express my appreciation.

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Let me express my appreciation.

Postby Harbinger8 » 05 May 2013, 08:36

Dode, you have tried to help me or at least perform your duties as a mod as you saw they needed to be recently in a couple of matters; thank you.
Colonel Panic, thank you for your replies that at times have been argumentative, but you have kept it honest and to what we were discussing.
Zoraster, thank you for pointing out my errors and showing what I was trying to mean despite my disabilities when it comes to typing at times. I am still learning to do it without the full complement; <Backspace> has become heavily used.
HC-Vanselow, thank you for putting out topics that have everything to do with the interesting points of our Blood Bowl experience; keep it up.
Soapmode; thank you for pointing out the obvious sometimes when it plain, simple and not the popular thing to do when certain people are in a mood.
THroxx, thank you for despite being absolutely sure that how you remembered was right, you were open to being corrected about the subject.
Rktekk, thank you for allowing me to be wrong and letting me correct my mistake before slicing me to pieces.
Aegis J Hyena, thank you for the interesting points you mention; we may not always agree, but you make some discussions possible.
I apologize to anyone else that has honestly tried to be of service to me and my questions that I have not mentioned here; the list of those persons is much longer than what is here.

Moreover, I truly appreciate all of the people who weathered with grace my quest for a complete manual for this game; there is, evidently, no such animal to further anyone's understanding of the computer game.

Darkson, we have disagreed, even mightily, but you have kept it to your honest opinion and to your experience concerning this game we enjoy at differing levels. With my very first question on this forum, you were informative and polite - thank you.
MCrispin, thanks for some good dialogues; that is when you are not simply "pouring gasoline" on the existing fires for your entertainment.
Shoot, even Orcacide keeps it honest in his flavored dislike of myself and certain other posters. (Please guy, if you like this sim of BB
here, I truly believe you will love TT!)

What I cannot show any appreciation for is the complete fabrication of game events and the posting of it here by a person who shall not be named.
That person thought all of us to be so dim-witted as to accept obviously manufactured game results; results that showed a complete disrespect for the game, what & who inspired it and for every honest player of the game.
I am sorry that his dislike of myself took him to such great extremes of behavior, but in the end, it was indeed his choice.

No, sorry folks, I am not leaving.
I know, I know.
I just had to get this off my chest.
We disagree heavily and with much disdain and heat at times here, but we keep it honest or at least I believe most, if not almost all, of you folks do.
I do as well, even when I have been accused of lying thrice; you have the freedom to not believe me; that has been paid for in advance.
I just had to say "Thank you." to all of you who have been part of my experience here whether we agreed or not because you all kept it honest no matter the disagreement and/or provocation you felt - except the one who will remain nameless.
His actions are his own and will stay to be look upon by all of us as a reminder of what not to do even when some one like me asks questions you simply can not stand.
Thank you all.

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