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Re: Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition

Postby Gallows Bait » 21 July 2014, 23:16

Is there actually an option to create a team for a singleplayer match? It looked like all you could do was play with preset teams in singleplayer, and multiplayer only had like three people playing last time I went on :roll:

It's disappointing because there was clear effort in designing the arenas and editor, but I thought the UI itself seemed like ten steps back from Blood Bowl, almost like it was just rushed through.
It was very much, I feel, side project, minimal resource and any return is positive in that respect.

I've not tried the Singleplayer option since it was implemented, but as far as I recall it was much like finding a multiplayer game, but with the AI as the opponent, rather than creating separate teams and so forth, since there ultimately was no single player mode a la Blood Bowl until this upgrade add some AI opponents, so the mechanics are still built around multiplayer lobby.

There is one big thing to thank Dungeonbowl for, however, and that is the fact that without it, Cyanide wouldn't have had the resource or capability to migrate the main Blood Bowl game to their own server in January 2013 when their server host pulled the plug on them (no fault of Cyanide's that one). The server architecture was functional enough to build (most) of the Blood Bowl functionality back around it to cobble a patch together to keep the game alive the last year and a half.

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