NAF News - re the Rules and talking to GW

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NAF News - re the Rules and talking to GW

Postby LunchMoney » 12 May 2016, 08:57

- the NAF will no longer be hosting the CRP from the end of June, following a request by GW (Cyanide have also been requested to remove their rulebook pdf). There will be a seminar at Warhammerfest on Saturday 14th May where the GW guys will be answering lots of questions about BB, including about the rules, so we will know for certain then formally what is happening, so keep an eye out for announcements this weekend. The message from the NAF is however that we have had no indication at all that the rules will be changing at all.
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Re: NAF News - re the Rules and talking to GW

Postby Valcurdra » 12 May 2016, 22:18


Gw taking back ownership of the rules probably means they at least plan to make some changes. Likley the plan to unify the formats into one ruleset.

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