[tabletop] Heads up about the new TT App

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[tabletop] Heads up about the new TT App

Postby rinku » 27 November 2016, 05:06

I installed the new free Blood Bowl App on my phone yesterday and it works pretty well. You get all you need to run a Box game, including the special play draws, kickoff table, injury rolls and Orc and Human team selection. It won't roll your block dice or move your players, but it can record anything that needs to be noted on a (basic box) team roster and roll every table (either using its own virtual dice results or the ones you tell it you rolled).

Probably the single most important thing for me is that the Special Play Cards and their full descriptions are here.

You can upgrade it to include Death Zone (i.e 7 more teams, the League rules and the rest of the team management stuff) for $5.99. Also gives in-game skill description pop-ups (which it must be admitted aren't really needed for a Basic Box game). To put that in context, someone with the old components who shells out six bucks for the Death Zone upgrade on the App effectively and legally has the same value as buying the new releases.

You also use it to order the rulebook pdfs. Blood Bowl rules are $14.99, death Zone rules are $26.99 and both bundled together are $30.99. That's not bad.

And presumably if there are updates or more errata, the app will just get a patch.

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