Season 3 (PC) Cabalvision Champions Cup Participants

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Mercy Flush
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Re: Season 3 (PC) Cabalvision Champions Cup Participants

Postby Mercy Flush » 18 February 2017, 21:49

Quick question, I guess I snuck in here but until now I've only really played open ladder. Is there a special way we should communicate to set up games, or a time limit in which we need to play them?

Thanks for any info, feeling a bit lost at these heady heights of competition!
Yes indeed! Once all the competitors are enrolled & we've launched the cup i'll PM you all on this
forum & notify you all that we've begun.
I'll also post a thread in this subforum (which i'll link you to) which will show the matches & the
round deadlines & mainly be a place for you to liaise with your opponent in order to find a mutually
agreeable date & time to play. In addition to this forum i'd also recommend trying to PM them directly too
or contact them via steam chat.

Congratz on making the big time!
Talk soon.

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Re: Season 3 (PC) Cabalvision Champions Cup Participants

Postby kolianxxxxxx » 18 February 2017, 22:56

Siberius, hello, I'm from Russia, +5 UTC, arrange a time can be difficult, here's my steam profile. Join, discuss read more

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Re: Season 3 (PC) Cabalvision Champions Cup Participants

Postby Enarion » 20 February 2017, 16:19

Trying to figure out how to contact my opponent, can't find him on the forums?! Any help from the admins would be appreciated.

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