Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Knights Of The Round Table

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Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Knights Of The Round Table

Postby BernieBuffon » 06 January 2017, 15:02

Knights Of The Round Table Coach Chazdavidson Record P11 W10 D0 L1 Finished32nd

Home Ground The Table Inducement Upgrade Referee Rest Area (Free Bribe For Each Team)

Did anyone see this coming fast forward to the final two days of the league and out of nowhere Chazdavidsons Knights of the round table exploded onto the scene and leap frogged VpowerV and Stuntmandidi human teams to take the Human Play off Spot. With wins against the champ Arzowane and Stuntmandidi there is no doubting this guys potential in the play offs. He has played 11 matches and scored 22 Touchdowns and conceded 4 Touchdowns his only loss came to The Everpeak Guzzlers 1-0 a dwarf team. Biggest win came against Fc Gaia who they beat 3-0.

Players To Watch

A block Break tackle guard Ogre who has dominated the middle of the park for the Knights and with the block skill makes him very reliable while the break tackle skill means its hard to keep this powerhouse tied up. Has 8 casualties in 11 games and a whopping 26 injuries so this beast of an enforcer is a key component in the humans progressing further.

Only Catcher on the team this blodge sidestepping catcher is the humans main scoring threat and has scored 6 touchdowns so far but interesting enough hasn't got a catch to his name he has run for 296 yards though. I'm interested to see how this guy goes and how much attention this guy will attract from the opposing coach.

Potential Grudge Match
Nobles Hispanos caused a storm when claiming that the humans are not worthy to have the word knight in there team name and only the Bretonnians have the right to be called knights this has gone down like a lead balloon in the round table camp and will show them how knightly they are if these two teams meet up in the play offs could be an interesting match up if this comes about.

290k in the bank for a start does help them a break tackling big guy with block is a massive piece for them and two blitzers with mighty blow tackling pieces can only help take on the more agile pieces and to help take players off the pitch. 3 guard pieces isn't to bad and they do have a kick piece as well.

Only 11 players will line up first game as they have a lineman out injured. Only two Re-Rolls isn't great either and 5 of the 11 players don't have block what could easily use Re-Rolls up quickly.

Bad Match Up
Orc Pile 3.0 looks a bad match up on paper for the human team already with no bench they will have there av8 armour tested by plenty of piling on hits two st5 pieces and 3 st4 pieces can see the Orcs dominate the line of scrimmage and the blitzers will go hunting for the lone catcher or anything else what is bold enough to go into the orcs half. Five Mighty Blow Pieces will add to the pressure of getting this human team off the pitch.

Cannot knock the record and they have done so well to get this far my only concern is they are not as developed as a lot of the other play off teams are on the plus side they will get plenty of inducements what should help them compete and there is plenty of potential for this team to grow as they progress in the play offs.

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