Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview NOBLES HISPANOS

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Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview NOBLES HISPANOS

Postby BernieBuffon » 06 January 2017, 16:41

Team NOBLES HISPANOS Coach SERGUL77 Record P24 W18 D3 L3 Finished 16th

Home Ground CASTILLA Inducement Upgrade None

Sergul77 Bretonnians have a tough act to follow after Samt2806 fantastic performance in season one. But this team has been doing very well in the league in 24 games they have scored 49 Touchdowns and have Conceded 14 Touchdowns. What strikes me more then anything is the quality of opposition he has beaten with this team and that alone make me think could he do what Samt failed to do win the cup for the Bretonnians? They have killed 8 players as well.

Players To Watch

Gauthier de Couronne
Agility 4 side stepping blitzer with tackle this guy has it all and is a pain in the side to his opponent but disaster has struck he fractured his skull and is now only av7 what is a hammer blow to Sergul77 chances of taking the cup. But if he can keep on the field this guy could be the difference between them winning and losing big player for them. Has scored 16 Touchdowns already and I wouldn't bet against him making that more in the play offs.

Tristan el Bendito
Another side stepping blitzer this time with the added bonus of mighty blow in his arsenal this is there enforcer and has 3 kills to his name already and it will be his job to take the enemy off the pitch. His spirits will be high after winning the most desirable bachelor in Bretonninia. And this much sort after superstar will want to put on a show for his fans.

Potential Grudge Match
She Was Only XI are in there sights its no secret that the nobles of bretonnia cannot stand the filth and the disease that the rats bring and it is there quest to destroy every last one of them, The Lady of the Lake demands it.

Nice deep bench of 13 players helps in the war of attrition especially when you have av7 pieces. Plenty of Fend and Wrestle to keep the opposition at arms length and to open up holes for there blitzers to run threw. They have a kick piece to try and pin there opposition back as well. Four side stepping blodgers are a handful for anyone and when you combined that with dauntless even the big guys are not safe.

Six of the team have av7 including a star blitzer, only two guard pieces what will struggle against the bash heavy guarded teams and only one tackle piece although do have 4 wrestle pieces.

Potential Bad Match Up
Don't Mention Overtime with high armour mostly av9 and 9 tackle pieces to counter there side stepping blodgers and 3 guard pieces to try and help control the scrimmage line. 11 of the 12 players also have block and the one that doesn't is strength 4. A couple of frenzy pieces to try and punch holes threw the Bretonnian lines can only help. Interesting match up its certainly a game the bretonnians can win but with all that armour and tackle it wont be easy.

Very impressive record with a lot of big wins against some of the best coaches on the ps4 proves sergul77 is the real deal and could go far in this competition. No reason why he cannot go close and will be a dangerous opponent to whoever he matches up with.

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