Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Ghekos

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Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Ghekos

Postby BernieBuffon » 08 January 2017, 09:13

Team Ghekos Coach Yokito Record P24 D3 L2 Finished6th

Home Ground Park Inducement Upgrade None

Coach Yokito is shrouded in mystery, legend says he is a Samurai Warrior back from the dead and he has come to the blood bowl pitch looking for the one they call Deinar321who ancestors turn 16 gang fouled his beloved best friend the Postman who was a loveable skink to death. Yokito in a rare interview told the press you cannot fight fate and is expected to face off against Deinar321 in the first round and like his dear departed friend the Postman Yokito expects to deliver justice. In 24 Matches they have scored 44 Touchdowns and conceded 12 Touchdowns. There Biggest win was against Stirland All Stars 4-0 and there biggest defeat came against up and coming youngster Mightychaz007 feared chaos kill team Legend Killers 2-1. It is worth nothing the only time this team has lost is when they have been pitch cleared or close to it.

Players To Watch

One of the best ever skinks to grace the champion ladder with strength 3 agility 4 with blodge this guy really is a game changer and will be Ghekos main weapon on the offence. Surprisingly in the 24 matches he has played he only has 9 touchdowns but even more surprisingly this little superstar has crowdsurfed two opponents as well. This poor guy has suffered 3 casualties and been injured 15 times so better care needs to be taken with this superstar if he is to survive round 2.

Another superstar skink and another blodge piece this one has strength 3 and diving tackle to help take down the opponents offence. A very nice 12 Touchdowns on the season as well and also a crowd surf this guy will be expected to help take the pressure of Zlatlashi.

Potential Grudge Match
Here For Another Beer is the team Ghekos are gunning for after the death of his beloved skink and Yokito will stop at nothing to avenge his great friend and also book a place into the quarter finals.

5 Re-Rolls lets him go aggressive with the use of them and he has two fantastic skinks what will be a massive scoring threat to his opponent. He also has a break tackle mighty blow tackle block saurus who will go ball carrier hunting and try and help his fellow saurus dominate the line of scrimmage. A nice deep bench of 13 players does help also.

This team has been beaten up a lot and this team has 4 brand new saurus with no skills this is a major problem for Yokito but luckily having 5 Re-Rolls will help. Only one guard piece is a slight problem although there natural st4 may help them try to get around this.

Bad Match Up
Here For Another Beer is a bad match up for them with 7 Guard pieces and four st4 pieces in the team it would be a nightmare match up add to that two blitzers with tackle to go skink hunting and an agility 4 blodge thrower you can see why Ghekos would have there hands full.

A team what seems you have to pitch clear to beat this coach looks a very good coach and could take the cup by storm and go very close. His lack of development on his saurus is a worry but when you got some quality skinks you always have a chance.

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