Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Here For Another Beer

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Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Here For Another Beer

Postby BernieBuffon » 08 January 2017, 10:31

Team Here For Another Beer Coach Deinar321 Record P31 W24 D3 L4 Finished7th

Home Ground Welcome To Gullkorn! Inducement Upgrade Squig Sandwich Kiosk (Throw Rock and Get Ref Cancelled)

The Best ranking orc team in the ladder coached by the great Deinar321 who went so close in season one with his human team. This team is many peoples pick to go the whole way and win it for deinar321 so lets have a look at them. They have played 31 games and have scored 47 Touchdowns and have conceded 13 Touchdowns. It is worth nothing two of the four losses came to chaos and the other two losses to orcs including fellow play off team orc pile 3.0. His biggest win well there is many at 2-0 but this team has never scored more then 2 Touchdowns in any of there games there biggest loss was on there debut this season when they lost 3-0 to Loz Hachaz.

Players To Watch

E.C. Dahls
Orcidas pin up boy for there new campaign is also a very good blood bowl player and the girls love this guy his last nose ring sold for over 20.000 teef (the orc currency) for his own personal charity Orc lineman have feelings to. Feared by his opponents and loved by his fans this Frenzy Mighty blow tackle guard piece is one of the major reasons that Here For Another Beer got this far his catchphrase the next rounds on me what he bellows out for every time he injures an opponent is a truly awesome site to behold soon as his opponent goes down the crowd shout it out with him and head for the beer stands for free beer! He truly is one of the most popular and loved players even with opponents fans due to probably the free beer and the destruction he brings.

The agility four thrower who has ran for over a 1000 yards offers the here for another beer another attacking option but scandal hit this week with the press getting anonymous photos leaked to them implying that his father was a wood elf who had a brief fling with his orc mother and it is claimed that is why he is so good at throwing a ball its in his genes what the press claim he gets from his father. Rumour has it the leak came from Orc Pile 3.0 coach Durrun who manages the other Orc team in the competition and is disgusted how un orc it is to have an orc what actually throws the ball. The only thing you should throw is a goblin as that's always a lot of fun Durrun was on record saying earlier in the run up to the play offs.

Potential Grudge Match
War of words this week with the Orc Pile 3.0 have got these two teams at one another throats and with the leaked pitches coming out has just put more petrol on the fire the Here for another beer team are disgusted that Orc Pile 3.0 let a norse team beat them and show the orc tribes up and believes that there is only room for one orc team in the competition and that should be them. This rivalry will probably only end if they end up facing off against one another and settle this the good old fashioned orc way with fists.

Having one of the best coaches on the PS4 alone makes this team dangerous but having seven guard pieces on an orc team almost guarantees they will dominate the line of scrimmage and with two ball hawking tackle blitzers ready to pounce on the oppositions ball carrier this really is a dominate force. Their high armour as well should see them dominate the numbers on the pitch as well this team is certainly one scary proposition for there opponent.

Anything with claw could cause this team problems and no surprise that two of the teams losses came to chaos. Teams with speed and blodge could also be troublesome as any team what can go around them instead of having to go threw the middle will have a chance. This team is well developed so not really any other glaring weakness they don't have the piling on killers that orc pile 3.0 has but we will have to see if that really is a weakness.

Potential Bad Match Up
Baltimore Blood with all that claw and foul appearance and a good deep bench and strength could be a troublesome match up for the orcs. This is one of the few teams what can whittle down this orc team pretty quickly and have the strength to compete down the middle.

It will take a good team on a going day to knock out Here For Another Beer and is a team everyone will want to avoid and I certainly think that Deinar321 could make it second time lucky and reach the promised land and just could win the whole thing.

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Re: Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Here For Another Beer

Postby seriousjest » 08 January 2017, 14:21

This one stands out even amongst a whole portfolio of truly awesome reviews. Keep doing your thing, Bernie! Thanks for another great read!
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Re: Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Here For Another Beer

Postby BernieBuffon » 09 January 2017, 13:01

seriousjest wrote:This one stands out even amongst a whole portfolio of truly awesome reviews. Keep doing your thing, Bernie! Thanks for another great read!

No problems buddy :D

Yeah did enjoy the stories and scandal to this preview lol

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