Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Landazury Izarduy

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Season 2 Play Off Teams Preview Landazury Izarduy

Postby BernieBuffon » 09 January 2017, 12:37

Team Landazury Izarduy Coach Arzowane_5 Record P39 W27 D6 L6 Finished 17th

Home Ground Paradise Circus Inducement Upgrade Beer Stand (+1 to injury rolls when player is pushed out)

So finally we get to last seasons champion Arzonwane_5 and this time he has swapped his orcs for chaos and this is a nasty team Arzowane claims he hasn't had a squad as good as this ever. So if this team is better then his Orc Champions of season one then wow everybody watch out. This team has scored 64 Touchdowns in 39 games and have conceded 20 Touchdowns. This team has clashed with play off team Baltimore Blood who they lost to 1-0 but both teams have gotten a lot stronger since these two teams met so apart from bragging rights shouldn't have much relevance if they where to clash again.

Players To Watch

El Cielo Sta dentro d mi
Agility 5 blodge beastman is an absolute superstar who has took the league by storm 13 passes for 120 yards 922 yards running and 16 Touchdowns and also has two catches. This guy has it all, why is he so good compared to normal beastman of the world? Rumour has it he goes hunting for elfs in the woods and other dark places and when he catches his prey he eats them and he believes he absorbs there talents and abilities to make him better, this could be a old wifes tale but it certainly would fit as this guy is as good as any elf thrower in the world.

21 de Octubre
A strength 4 mighty blow piling on claw killer beastman who already has four kills to date already. This guy is one of the key enforcers in Landazury Izarduy and has caused 28 casualties and 102 injuries. He also knows where the touchdown end zone is as well as he has scored 4 Touchdowns to. This is another key component to why this team is so feared in the competition and why they are one of the favourites to win it.

Potential Grudge Match
Rumours are strife that Arzowanes kill team are after Baltimore Blood as there is only room enough for one dominant chaos team in this competition and they believe it is them and will do everything in there power to face Baltimore Blood and destroy them. If these two teams meet expect a bloodbath.

Coached by the Champion is a good start and having an agility 5 and agility 4 beastman gives this team massive scoring potential add 5 guard pieces two genuine kill piling on pieces a strength 5 warrior and you can see the daunting task what awaits his opponent. This is one of the better developed teams in the competition and offers plenty of balance will take a very good one to take this team down.

just the two tackle pieces so blodge teams have hope against this team also one of there killers 21 de Octubre has a niggling injury so if he uses his piling on you have a great opportunity to foul him and take him out especially if you have a dirty player as that would potentially be 2 plus to the injury if he piles on make him pay. The team has 3 Re-Rolls but one of those is a leader if you can take that guy out then he will be down to 2 Re-Rolls any little advantage you can get you have to take it against this powerful team. Most teams will get inducements against this team so pick them wisely what will be the best thing to get to help you beat them as the choice of the inducements could have a big say if you win or lose. This is a team what has most bases covered but if you can offer as little hits as possible you just may have a chance but its going to be tough.

Potential Bad Match Up
Baltimore Blood with all that claw regen disturbing presence and foul appearance to name a few could have this chaos team in fits. This is a Nurgle team what can take the chaos beating and dish it right back at him and with nice cheap fouling rotters in the line up those piling on pieces go down we could see them getting stamped off the pitch.

A very well balanced outfit what is at home running the ball and also throwing it the team has two enforcers what should help get the number advantage and enough strength and guard to dominate the physical battle. It is a scary proposition to think this team is better then the team he won season one with and its hard not to see him returning back to the final and try and win back to back titles.

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