The Curse

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The Curse

Postby BernieBuffon » 10 January 2017, 14:09

It is said when blood bowl players step onto the hallowed turf and play off football is here there is a whisper around the place oh I hope its not us whisper the fans hoping that they do not upset the thing they fear the most. Fans coaches and players sacrifice things dear to them to appease the one thing, to make sure he doesn't punish them he is an object of fear. Fans, Coaches, owners and players say that they would rather get nuffled then be target by the horror this brings, at least with nuffle they have a chance to come out victorious.

It is called the Curse and it is real it is not a myth claims Professor Maldicion of the bad things happen university of Altdorf where he is qualified in the fields of why is it always me and stop rolling ones and double skulls. Profesor Maldicion speaks to me and says lets go back to last seasons play offs. Darkside Indians coached by Stuntmandidi topped the league and his team looked unbeatable they rolled up to the play offs to take on a high elf team with a coach not well known on the circuits in Rosstopher and was expected to beat them as time ticked away the ball was heading for the high elf end zone and victory to the Darkside Indians but then out of nowhere the ball is plucked out of the air and was returned to the other end by the high elves to knock out the Darkside Indians the team soon after was disbanded and have never seen the Champion ladder ever again. There is no doubt that this was the work of the curse.

Strange things happened threw the tournament with teams what couldn't lose where losing and getting knocked out, one of the most famous incidents in one game special guest announcer serious jest coach of the undefeated Southpark Cowboys shouted NUFFLE SAYS NO as another team failed a go for it and went crashing out the tournament. The camera crew and fellow presenters turned white and looked in horror Seriousjest looking puzzled said what that sounded great what's better then shouting out nuffle says no. One guy plucked up the courage and whispered that wasn't nuffle that was the curse. Seriousjest laughed at such nonsense that is an old wifes tale everyone knows nuffle is the only god of Blood bowl. Next day the South Park Cowboys went crashing out 2-0 and there undefeated record and tournament was over the curse had struck again.

But the curse is claimed to have favourites and it seemed this tournament Lizardry Wizardry coached by the Great FantFox had the curses blessing they was beating everyone what stood in there way. People kept saying they was going to lose but every match they proved there doubters wrong and reached the final. In the final press conference the night before the final FantFox was asked does he believe in the curse and did he believe the curse had shown favour to his team. FantFox bellowed we have got here because we are the best team led by the impressive strength 5 Saurus Harry Potter and we will prove it on the pitch tomorrow. Fans gasped in horror and demanded only the sacking and sacrifice of Fantfox would appease the curse and just maybe they still had a chance. But there demands where not met and FantFox lead his team out soon as they hit the pitch a snow blizzard came from nowhere and started battering the lizardman team. As the game progressed a freak accident or the curse you decide saw star saurus Harry Potter slip on some ice and died instantly. Its the curse shouted the crowd some turned to drowning there sorrows in bugmans beer to soften the blow some lizard wizardy fans started praying trying to appease the curse others wept and some just started hitting each other hoping the death of a fellow fan maybe seen as a sacrifice to the curse and please him and to stop his vengeful wrath on the Wizards.

The game went into overtime with Lizardry Wizardy winning the toss and the fans rejoiced the curse is lifted they shouted we are going to win we are going to win tears of sadness was replaced with tears of joy. But the curse had one more cruel trick to play with the end zone in touching distance a lizardry Wizardy skink was clean threw and was going to win it for Lizardy Wizardy but then joy turned to horror as it looked like the skink had got its foot stuck and couldn't move or something was stopping him from moving he was only a few feet away from the endzone when he was taken out by the opposition the ball went lose and after a frantic fight trying to get the ball back coach Arzowane_5 team Malditos Bastardos took the ball and scored with just seconds to spare and win it all. The Curse had struck again!

In the press conference FantFox said the curse had a name and the name of that curse was Bernie Buffon everybody looked at one another and then a big rupture of laughter filled the room. everything he tips loses can you fools not see that bellowed FantFox in disbelief he tipped the Indians they lose he tipped the brets they lose he said here for beer cannot lose guess what they lost he is the curse there is no god there is only Bernie.

The Professor says this is pure nonsense and its just coincidence that a lot of the teams Bernie tips to win just happen to lose and there is nothing else underhanded here. Whatever is the truth if your one of the lucky sixteen coaches what make the play offs before you go to bed the night before your game just take a moment to kneel at your bedside and pray to nuffle please nuffle lord of the bloodbowl pitch the dice and everything great please protect me from the curse. Then the next morning check the papers check the radio to see who Bernie Buffon has tipped if he has tipped you then you didn't pray as much as your opponent did and you have failed the only positive thing we can tell you is this just think there is always next season.

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Re: The Curse

Postby seriousjest » 10 January 2017, 17:18

My S2 is doomed!
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Re: The Curse

Postby BernieBuffon » 10 January 2017, 17:40

seriousjest wrote:My S2 is doomed!

The Curse though shows favour to one team and maybe this season that team might be you ;)

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