S3 Rd2 Results

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S3 Rd2 Results

Postby seriousjest » 13 March 2017, 22:28

Quarterfinals complete! Results below:

The MML Pack (BernieBuffon; Necromantic) vs. LOS SAURIONETES (SERGUL77; Lizardman): The Pack wins 1-0!

Afterlife Mints 2.0 (Synonimouse; Undead) vs. Goingene (Deinar321; Dark Elf): Goingene wins 2-1 in OT!!!

Rottingham Forest (mellogo1d; Nurgle) vs. Thermonuclear POMB (CalciumCas; Chaos): POMB wins 1-0!

Brutas Blessed Vermin 3.0 (ReznorRulesYou; Skaven) vs. [NBP] Glacial Cannons (Dymntd; Norse): Vermin win 3-1!
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