S4 Champion Cup Competitors

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S4 Champion Cup Competitors

Postby seriousjest » 01 April 2017, 01:02

Big congratulations to our S4 Cup Qualifiers! All of the coaches listed below will be soon be added to the PS4 Champion Cup IV thread on PSN messenger, in order to facilitate easy scheduling, passing of information, and media coverage.

#1 Overall Undead [B&T] Manfester United nomkt3 16-4-0

#2 Wood Elf BROTES VERDES SERGUL77 14-0-0

#4 Human [B&T] Drunk Averages Samt2806 19-6-3

#5 Dwarf Izaleikos Arzowane_5 17-1-3

#6 High Elf Calimeros DoublePastis 18-3-4

#7 Nurgle The #4Horsemen BernieBuffon 17-5-3

#9 Necromantic Wolfy McWolfFace thebeerbear 15-0-2

#10 Chaos Dwarf Minions of Hashut Schod 15-4-2

#11 Chaos Roid Rage Babes CalciumCas 24-7-8

#12 Skaven JustScore Gerdleah 13-0-1

#13 Dark Elf Proud to Be GLANDS Stuntmandidi 16-6-3

#15 Lizardman Xlanthuapec Twins gasolemall 14-2-2

#17 Orc (B&T) Do as ya'told! Stump_Humper 20-7-8

#25 Bretonnian [B&T] Mercanti di Venezia Ponghines 8-0-1

#30 Norse Old Fjord Giants ScramLyche 11-2-5

#38 Khemri Ras Runners Jaqra 11-2-6
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