S4 Rd1 Results

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S4 Rd1 Results

Postby seriousjest » 07 April 2017, 15:07

Replay links posted in a separate thread (viewtopic.php?f=101&t=8646&p=79748#p79748).

#11 Roid Rage Babes, chaos coached by CalciumCas (24-7-8) vs. #1 [B&T] Manfester United, undead coached by nomkt3 (16-4-0): Manfester wins 2-1!

#13 Proud to Be GLANDS, dark elves coached by Stuntmandidi (16-6-3) vs. #17 (B&T) Do as ya'told!, orcs coached by Stump_Humper (20-7-8): GLANDS wins 2-1 in OT!!!

#30 Old Fjord Giants, Norse coached by ScramLyche (11-2-5) vs. #2 BROTES VERDES, wood elves coached by SERGUL77 (14-0-0): BROTES win 3-0!

#10 Minions of Hashut, chaos dwarves coached by Schod (15-4-2) vs. #12 JustScore, skaven coached by Gerdleah (13-0-1): JustScore wins 3-0!

#25 [B&T] Mercanti di Venezia, Bretonnians coached by Ponghines (8-0-1) vs. #15 Xlanthuapec Twins, lizardmen coached by gasolemall (14-2-2): Twins win 1-0!

#38 Ras Runners, Khemri coached by Jaqra (11-2-6) vs. #9 Wolfy McWolfFace, necromantic coached by thebeerbear (15-0-2): Wolfy wins 2-1 in OT!!!

#4 [B&T] Drunk Averages, humans coached by Samt2806 (19-6-3) vs. #6 Calimeros, high elves coached by DoublePastis (18-3-4): Calimeros wins 2-0!

#7 The #4Horsemen, Nurgle coached by BernieBuffon (17-5-3) vs. #5 Izaleikos, dwarves coached by Arzowane_5 (17-1-3): Izaleikos win 2-1 in OT!!!
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