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S4 Semifinals Schedule

Posted: 18 April 2017, 23:10
by seriousjest
Semifinals matchups posted below. I will add scheduled times, broadcast locations, and replay links as they become available. Scores/results will be posted in a separate thread, in order to avoid spoilers.

#12 JustScore, skaven coached by Gerdleah (13-0-1) vs. #15 Xlanthuapec Twins, lizardmen coached by gasolemall (14-2-2): COMPLETE! Replay available at

#9 Wolfy McWolfFace, necromantics coached by thebeerbear (15-0-2) vs. #5 Izaleikos, dwarves coached by Arzowane_5 (17-1-3): COMPLETE! Replay available at