And our new S5 Champion is...

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And our new S5 Champion is...

Postby seriousjest » 01 June 2017, 06:08

Gasolemall, our first "Money Champion," and his Spaghetti Western, the first undead PS4 Champions! The Western had a Ladder record of 19-2-2, and fought proved their iron in a tough 2-1 overtime victory against The Stuntmandidis (BernieBuffon, Bretonnian, 5-0-0).

PS4 Champions Scroll:

S1 -- Arzowane_5 -- [FLU] Malditos Bastardos

S2 -- Fantfox -- [B&T]MomDidn'tHugMeEnough

S3 -- ReznorRulesYou -- Brutas Blessed Vermin 3.0

S4 -- Arzowane_5 -- Izaleikos

S5 -- gasolemall --Spaghetti Western
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