Champions Ladder VI finals - To bluescreen and beyond...

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Champions Ladder VI finals - To bluescreen and beyond...

Postby CalciumCas » 30 June 2017, 08:17

Last night I played my 1st round game against SaintTodd, and during the 1st half (around T4) I BLUESCREENED. Even though it was early in the game, I was in total control and to say I was gutted about the bluescreen is an understatement.

BernieBuffon, an admin for the league and also lead commentator and streamer for the match (see link below) was thrust into the bluescreen hotseat, and had to try to sort out the mess that this kind of issue inevitably leaves behind.

It was at this point my faith in the PS4 community was galvanised. SaintTodd, a new entrant to the Cladder finals, did not hesitate to restart the match when asked by Bernie. He also instantly agreed to take the same inducements, and I of course agreed to let SaintTodd receive the ball (as the 1st game).

Following any streamed match, whenever Bernie, myself and others commentate on a game we get both coaches in to have a chat. On this occasion I was quick to pay tribute to SaintTodd's sportmanship, it was pure class. He is a welcome addition to the PS4 Champions Cup Alumni group and a credit to the game of BB.

I am on record while streaming saying how much I love the PS4 BB2 community, as far as I'm concerned we are a small but committed bunch of addicted BB nerds that genuinely care about this game. We all do our best to represent and promote PS4 BB2, and we communicate with each other all the time in PSN messenger. I have made a bunch of friends since I was lucky enough to qualify for my 1st Champions League finals back in Season III, and I value being part of this community. The PS4 BB2 Cladder is a shark tank where wins are difficult to come by, but you would be hard pressed to find a friendlier online community. Any coach there is more than happy to help anyone else, and last night's issue just cemented that fact.

I cannot speak for the PC community other than saying I know and respect a number of coaches there (Jimmy, Enarion, Joe etc), and I'm sure their community is just as passionate as we are. This post isn't intended to be a 'PS4 is better than the PC' statement, but come August I will be training for a new job away from home so I will only be able to play BB2 via a PC. I hope the PC community is as strong as the PS4!

Now while Cyanide really should have sorted this bluescreen issue months ago, even that cannot damage what us PS4 players have built on the back of their awesome game. Despite it's flaws, we love BB2, and will continue to support and promote it as long as Cyanide do.

For anyone that is interested I have linked the stream of the match below (which includes the 1st aborted BlueScreen game).

Nuffle bless BB2 and may your dice all come up 6's.

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