Bone Bearers to be shredded by Chaos schedule

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Re: Bone Bearers to be shredded by Chaos schedule

Postby seriousjest » 05 December 2016, 12:11

Hey, im not lewpac, but i am one of his Mods and i can probably help you with arranging the match.

lewpac's stream schedule is this (in GMT) :

Monday - 10am-6pm
Tuesday - 10am-6pm
Wednesday -9pm - 3pm
Thursday - 3:30pm-11pm
Friday - 10am-6pm

He should be available on any of these hours. (he might also be available on off stream, but i dont know when)
About reaching him to finalize a date, you can reach him on twitch (He is lewpac22 on twitch) when he is livestream in chat, or a whisper him on twitch when he isnt live. you can also reach him in his discord channel, or you can write here and i will try to pass him the message
This is when you've got juice. People scheduling your BB matches for you :)
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