2-minute turns next season

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Re: 2-minute turns next season

Postby CalciumCas » 22 June 2017, 07:47

Come play on PS4. We have 2-minute timers. :lol: :twisted:

But seriously, at the end of S6, we'll be able to compare what turn times looked like in S6 vs. previous seasons.
I would be amazed if the stats didn't reflect that games were faster during Champions ladder season VI. From an entirely personal perspective, the 2 minute turns that the PS4 has adopted is brill, my games have been a lot faster and more than one coach has commented on how nice this is is they are getting diced...But I understand that you will always upset some parts of the BB community regardless of the choice. Serious Jest is right though, come play on the PS4, the community there is great, and we have cookies ;)
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Re: 2-minute turns next season

Postby JRCO666 » 22 June 2017, 11:44

Well best would be to implement in BB2 what worked well in BB1 (Too bad cyanide wanted to reinvent the wheel on so many things that worked well in BB1) : leave us the option to choose when we launch matchmaking the timinig we would prefer....

Probably to easy and simple to leave it to the players to choose what they want....... I bet vast majority would favor 2 min.

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Re: 2-minute turns next season

Postby wolle1301 » 29 June 2017, 09:38

A possibility would be to have a chessclock Feature. This would give every Coach 32 Minutes at the beginning of the game (instead of 2 min turns) and the clock would stop everytime you hit end turn.

If you do easy turns, you could save up time for critical turns where you might need some more time to think.

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