help me please!! :(

Any problem? Here should be the solution!
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help me please!! :(

Postby erdome » 05 April 2013, 02:42

Hello I have a problem with the game of blood bowl, when I play on the internet and I try to create a team of necromancers I get this error: not well-formed (invalid token): line2, column 215
Can you help me? What should I do?? thanks

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Re: help me please!! :(

Postby dode74 » 05 April 2013, 05:50

Ensure your team is legal iaw the rules: i.e. you have 11 players as a minimum.

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Re: help me please!! :(

Postby Colonel Panic » 05 April 2013, 12:41

I got an error (think it was this but not sure) when I created a team with a player who had a special character in their name (in this case an é).

Once I deleted the player, I could save the team, then add the player again, with the same name.

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