Steam Achievement Bug

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Steam Achievement Bug

Postby oprisko » 08 January 2014, 14:12

I've seen this posted all over Steam, but it doesn't yet have its own thread here.

I've played Blood Bowl a tremendous amount, 150+ hours, but have yet to unlock a single achievement in Steam. Please let us know what must be done to unlock these and can they be unlocked retroactively?

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Re: Steam Achievement Bug

Postby Darkson » 08 January 2014, 16:09

Many bugs with Steam achievements - lots of various bugs that affect some but not others. As with many reported bugs Cyanide don't seem to care, as they don't even bother to comment on them.

So I'm guessing that no, there's nothing to be done and they won't be unlocked retroactively.
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Re: Steam Achievement Bug

Postby Gallows Bait » 09 January 2014, 00:05

Been an issue since the launch of Chaos Edition, some small amounts of awards were (kind of, sort of, maybe, if you were lucky) fixed in a patch a while back, but since there's no more patches coming, any progress seems unlikely.

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Re: Steam Achievement Bug

Postby FocusTechSupport » 13 January 2014, 08:47

This random problem is common to all games on Steam not only on Blood Bowl.

1. Close Steam.
2. Right click the folder Blood Bowl Chaos Edition located in "\Steam\SteamApps\common" and click Properties.
3. Click the tab Security.
4. Click Users (*your username*\Users) under 'Group or user names:'.
5. Click the button Edit... to change permissions.
6. Click again Users (*your username*\Users) under 'Group or user names:'.
7. Check 'Allow' for the 'Modify' entry under Permissions for Users.
8. Click the button Apply then OK.
9. Run Steam.

Run Blood Bowl Chaos Edition and check if your achievements are now unlocked.

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