Scoring CTD

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Scoring CTD

Postby Lunaraia » 27 January 2014, 04:13

Bit unsure if this is the correct area for this, if it aint, please move it where it should be.

In Blood Bowl Chaos Edition ive run into a rather annoying issue with my World Cup team, I have been trying to get past the 3rd round about 5 times now but all my efforts fall to naught because of 1 single problem:

When I score the game CTD's during the scene that shows each teams dugout, I have looked over the forums but I can't seem to find anything relating to this problem anywhere.

I honestly have no idea why this happens, at first I was baffled, never had that problem before, but now it happens every time I play with my Goblins, and it's frustrating.... to say the least.

Iv'e looked over the forum for more information on this but I can't seem to find anything.

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Re: Scoring CTD

Postby Darkson » 27 January 2014, 13:55

The World Cup mode is bugged, has been since day 1. I'm not sure if your problem is the same as the other reported ones (not sure what you mean by "CTDs", but the basic advice is "don't play it" I'm afraid.
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Nope, I was talking about a 0TTD on a Blitz! using TTM.

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Re: Scoring CTD

Postby Proxi Winther Rex » 27 January 2014, 16:03

CTD = Crashes To Desktop??

Anyway... Don't play WC-Mode, it's bugged, and you cant go further.
Most of us are just send back to start of game though...

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Re: Scoring CTD

Postby Lunaraia » 27 January 2014, 17:41

noted, guess I'll just use BBEdit to make my team the way it was and just go Campaign

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