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Re: Private League Problem

Posted: 10 August 2015, 14:04
by Selek
Unfortunately, there was never any kind of response until now.

We recreated the league, simulated the first match week with random teams and then exchanged them with the original teams one by one. Quite the hassle, but it worked out. Week 2 is good to go now!

I suppose the lesson is: Don't replace a team with itself (we did it to give the team more rerolls in the first match), or a database error can occur.

Re: Private League Problem

Posted: 24 August 2015, 13:27
by Jolly Roger
The problem is on the task list of our network programmer, who is very busy with BB2 incoming.
I'll let you know when I have more news about it.

Thanks for you patience,

Re: Private League Problem

Posted: 24 August 2015, 13:47
by Selek
Thank you for your response. It is too late for us now, our newly created league is well on its way. But maybe it will help others with the same problem, should your programmer come around to fix it.