serial already in use ?

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serial already in use ?

Postby ozkon » 03 February 2014, 23:10

sry 4 the bad english in advance

hi, i wantet to participate in an online leage of BB legendary edition with some mates today and installed all the needed patches ( i was only playing singleplayer offline so far).
now i wantet to create an account and the game tells my that my serial has already the maximum number of account although i never createt one :?:
i also tryed to retrive my data just in case i forgot that i accidentally createt an account some years ago when i bought the game but recived no email on my email account i use since forever.

what can i do ??

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Re: serial already in use ?

Postby FocusTechSupport » 05 February 2014, 15:46

Please send your BBLE player key to the technical support for investigation: support [at]

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