Legendary Edition

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Legendary Edition

Postby shoas » 07 March 2014, 11:31

Hello there.

I bought the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition 1-2 years ago. I bought the Download Edition and cant download it anymore. I refreshed my pc and dont have the game datas anymore. Is this right that i have to buy again a version of the Legendary Edition to play this?!

Am i wrong, or should i have the right to download it even 1 year after i bought it?
Even the vocab program i bought 5 years ago i downloaded a week ago. But Blood Bowl is just able to be downloaded 21 days after the buying?!


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Re: Legendary Edition

Postby FocusTechSupport » 07 March 2014, 15:24

The digital version of the game available on the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition official web site is published by Nexway online shop.
The activation key, the player key and the dowload links are provided by Nexway https://digitalfocus.nexway.com/bloodbowl/login.html
For all your questions regarding the payment, the download, the installation or the activation of your game, please contact the Customer Service of Nexway online shop by writing to: service@nexway.com

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