[BBCE] Saving gamefiles on a physical disc

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[BBCE] Saving gamefiles on a physical disc

Postby Proxi Winther Rex » 07 March 2014, 20:22

I'm about to get a new HDD installed in my PC... This include Re-installing Windows 7
In order to avoid missing files, player keys etc., I would like to burn the whole BBCE folder to a dvd-rom.
But I don't want it to be "locked" to my "old" OS... (experienced this before...)

How do I get the files on the disc, so they, so to speak, is a "new" BBCE game??
And what folders should I burn

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Re: [BBCE] Saving gamefiles on a physical disc

Postby dode74 » 07 March 2014, 20:48

BBCE is on steam now. It's directly linked to your steam account. Just install steam and you can reinstall it.

If you have any single player stuff then just copy the bloodbowlchaos folder in your documents and you can paste it in after installation.

If you have GUI stuff (such as the Community Content Pack) then hopefully you've still got the originals; if not then check the Useful Info sticky in General. If the specifics you're talking about aren't there then say so and I may be able to help you with specific files (such as grid layouts etc).

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