HELP! Locked out of account in Week 8 of 10 week League!

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HELP! Locked out of account in Week 8 of 10 week League!

Postby Bloodbowling76 » 24 March 2014, 23:15

Hello. I bought a new gaming rig this weekend, which was great, because it meant moving from my laptop to a great fast new computer. However, in the move, I lost my password. I might note that your terrible interface didn't make this difficult. Anyway, now I don't have the email registered with my multiplayer account, and I can't access whatever email I set up to get the new password that was apparently emailed to me. This means I can't log into my multiplayer account, even though my Steam account is working perfectly fine.

How do I proceed? Please help soon, as I'm in first place and am about to stomp some elves in game 8 of 10, and I'm also in an untouchable first place for the league championship.

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Re: HELP! Locked out of account in Week 8 of 10 week League!

Postby Gallows Bait » 25 March 2014, 00:23

Aside from the fact that the UI has nothing to do with it (it stores the password and allows you to reset it) and it's your own fault you can't either be bothered to remember passwords or keep hold of an email address for longer than five minutes, you should be able to get help from

Depending on how you bought the game, you might need your registration to hand though to prove you own the account in question.

Assuming you weren't too stupid and threw that away too.

Apologies if I'm snarky, but it is pretty crappy to blame the UI for your own inability to keep hold of important information. It's a simple box for user name and password, what more do you expect it to do for you? It's like almost any website, forum or multiplayer game I've ever seen, it emails you a reset. It's not their fault you're too stupid to manage it and it certainly has crap all to do with the UI.

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Re: HELP! Locked out of account in Week 8 of 10 week League!

Postby Bloodbowling76 » 25 March 2014, 00:53

Fair enough amount of snark, although I thought I was just pointing out the obvious. I'd disagree with one point you made, however, which really gets to the heart of why I thought the interface was lacking in this particular case. I was logged in to my multiplayer account on my laptop, but I suppose I got greedy and wanted to play the game on my new rig. In doing so, I ran afoul of the "forgot something" tab, which you have clearly never used, being a far superior internet user and gamer in general. I'm assuming this based on the superior tone of your reply. I suppose it's safe to assume that you've never forgotten log-in details or needed help with any of your many accounts. That or you only have one account for everything you do online? I suppose you should feel great knowing no one could ever accuse you of being "too stupid to manage" your multiple accounts. These assumptions aside, let me walk you through what happens when you click on "Forgot something", as you have clearly not forgotten anything, ever. (If you had, someone might think it fair to call you a hypocrite!)

You're taken to a menu showing three boxes. Two of them apparently show the same thing, a player key. Checking Steam, and the Steam support forums, it looks like the people at Bloodbowl have disabled this option for BB:Chaos, so despite my best efforts, I was unable to retrieve this information. My efforts were hindered greatly by the fact that, apparently in this case, it doesn't exist. Yet it's still two out of three options. Excellent work so far!

The last option asks for the multiplayer account name, if I'm not mistaken. I entered mine here, because it was the only piece of information I did have. What I was lacking was information on what the consequences of this action would be. A message popped up saying that "If the info entered here was correct, an email has been sent to the account registered with this multiplayer login." Little did I know, upon entering my info, that the password would be reset, and only available to the email I registered with the game. In this case, that was several years ago when I was first gifted the game. Your "five minute" assumption is very wrong here, and I think you wrote that just to characterize me as someone who can't remember things for more than five minutes. That's unfair and I take exception. I generally remember things for at least ten minutes. Still, I suppose you get internet points for insulting a stranger.

So, please forgive me for daring to insult the developers of this grand experiment in obfuscation, dischordia, and mystifying interactions. Glad to know that someone online understands every little interaction in this game that's been hidden, is not obvious to a first time user, or is otherwise just confusing. Have you thought about running for office, Gallow's Bait? Someone with your blind confidence and infallible sense of how to navigate difficult situations would go far!

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Re: HELP! Locked out of account in Week 8 of 10 week League!

Postby Darkson » 25 March 2014, 17:14

Actually, iirc, the "Forgotten Something" tab doesn't work correctly anyway, so even if you did still have access to the email account you used you probably wouldn't have received a email on how to reset your password.
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