Collectors Edition Steam Key ?

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Collectors Edition Steam Key ?

Postby Xellos324 » 25 July 2015, 13:55

Hey guys,

on release "2009" i bought the Collectors Edition(exact the one on the pic) of your game.
I want to know, is it possible to get a steam key for this edition ? (i have the serial key)


Much Love


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Re: Collectors Edition Steam Key ?

Postby rinku » 26 July 2015, 05:24

Steam only list Championship and Chaos editions, so I suspect not. You can install it normally from disk and add it as a non-steam game, I guess.

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Collectors Edition Steam Key

Postby Michaelflecy » 23 June 2018, 20:57

I have just bought an old beetle and the plip key will not open the doors but will open the boot. Any ideas on what to do?

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