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Help with Connection issues

Posted: 19 August 2015, 20:32
by Raveen
Hello, I've recently been having connections drop randomly during games on Cyanide.

I'm using Windows 10, and have been since January but the issue has only cropped up over the last 3-4 weeks. Usually I can play half a match, sometimes more, and then the connection error flashes up and the game counts down and then cuts out. I'm fairly sure it's me because it's happened for the last 3 games in my league (one game took 3 attempts to get finished!).

Games seem to disconnect at halftime although they have dropped mid half too.

I'm not losing internet completely because I'm connected to Mumble for the duration.

I've tried forwarding ports but that's made no difference.

I'm currently using powerline networking so my next plan is to switch to Wifi and see if that helps.

Any other suggestions of things I should try?


Re: Help with Connection issues

Posted: 19 August 2015, 21:31
by dode74
I use powerline and have no issues, so unless your powerline equipment is faulty it's not specifically related to that.

Re: Help with Connection issues

Posted: 20 August 2015, 12:48
by Raveen
I'm coming to the same conclusion, although my wiring probably isn't great.

The crashes seem to come at half time or when a TD is scored, as if the animation is causing the connection to drop somehow. I'm going to try reinstalling to see if that improves things.

Help with Connection issues

Posted: 24 June 2018, 13:12
by Michaelflecy
Ok. But connecting with the 2 channel harness I dont get any signal to 2 of the channels?

Hows that gonna work?