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Rugbowl VIII August 18th&19th 2012

Posted: 21 May 2012, 11:19
by Rugbowl
Hi there,

Les Azes are proud to organize the eighth Rugbowl tournament this summer, near Toulouse (France).

When ? : August 18th and 19th. You are welcome from friday afternoon to monday morning if you want or need.

Where ?: Cabanes’ Farm, 30mn away from Toulouse, 30mn from Toulouse-Blagnac international airport (Easy Jet, KLM, Air France).
As every previous year, we can manage a taxi service to bring you from the airport to the tourney. ;)

What ?: 6 players team tournament, based on the Copenhagen EuroBowl rule set. 5 rounds (3 on saturday, 2 on sunday). 4 meals, 2 breakfast and 2 open bar evenings are included in the price. You have to bring your camping stuff to sleep on the spot.

How much ? : 360 euros per team of 6 players. We only receive the completed team registrations. Send me an email on to get our bank information for the transfer.

The registration have to be done on our dedicated website :

Let me know if more informations are needed via our e-mail :
Check your registration and your travel asap 'cause we do have a lot of people who want to come again this year and 20 teams would be our limit.
Hope you'll be there too ;)

Last thing, so obvious, it's a NAF tournament of course ;)

Re: Rugbowl VIII August 18th&19th 2012

Posted: 21 May 2012, 11:20
by Rugbowl
More news :

Here is the list of the teams willing to come :

America (Rennes - France)
MBBC (Montpellier - France)
Pilous 1 (Agen - France)
Pilous 2 (Agen - France)
Pilous 3 (Agen - France)
Euskal (Biarritz et Bayonne (si, si) - France)
SOAP (Tarbes - France)
Ariege (Foix ? Pamiers ? - France)
Charism'Azes (Toulouse - France)
Ain Pacte
KaduC familly (Tours - France)
Six Pistols (Italie)

So, already 13 teams !

Note that we'll manage a shuttle service from the airport (Toulouse/Blagnac) and the rail station.

So come enjoy the sun, the competition and the fun of playing bloodbowl outdoor ! 8-)

Re: Rugbowl VIII August 18th&19th 2012

Posted: 14 June 2012, 20:42
by Rugbowl
Up !

Thanks to the first teams pre-registered !
Please also notice that we have a special price for non-players (spend the whole WE, have meals but don't play) : 35 €uros

And for players that can't gather a team of 6 coachs, we've created a post on our forum to join or fill a team ... ercenaires