Nurgle Update Patch Notes

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Nurgle Update Patch Notes

Postby Netheos » 17 November 2016, 11:23

Hey Coaches,

The Nurgle team will be available Tuesday November 22nd on PC. Shortly after in the same month on PS4 & XBox One. Most of the features and bug fixes of the update are already available.

Nurgle Patch Notes

  • The Nurgle team will be available Tuesday November 22th around 7PM (CET) on PC!
  • It is now possible to reconnect in a game after a crash during the inducement phase (except in friendly match).
  • Season 2 of Cabalvision Official League Champion Ladder has started! More info here.
  • Lord Borak the Despoiler has now a unique skin.
Bug fixes
  • Fix of a bug when a goblin was eaten by a troll when using Throw Teammate.
  • Fix of a potential crash when displaying a team roster during inducements.
  • Fix of a camera issue when blocking with the auto focus off.
  • Fix of a camera issue during the kick-off when having the auto focus off.

Discuss about this update HERE.
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