Chaos Dwarfs & Khemri Update

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Chaos Dwarfs & Khemri Update

Postby Netheos » 09 February 2017, 13:53

Hey coaches,

The Chaos Dwarfs and Khemri teams will be available Tuesday February 14th on PC/Mac, Xbox One and PS4 America - the day after on PS4 Europe. The features and bug fixes of the update are already available.

  • New league option to ban stadium upgrades ("Enhancement" in the league options).
  • New competition option to pause a ladder.
  • New Competition feature to automatically launch a new season.
  • During a game, an icon has been added to display the current stadium upgrade.
  • More dice rolls are now displayed in the dice log: fans, initial weather, kick-off events, halfling chef, apothecary.
Bug fixes
  • Fix of Diving Tackle log.
  • A team using the marketplace isn't a "new team" anymore. It can't pass the "new team only" filter.
  • The bretonnian blocker now properly displays a cutscene when Piling On.
  • Fix of the matchmaking not taking journeymen into account for some races.
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