World Cup playoffs : matchday 2!

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World Cup playoffs : matchday 2!

Postby Freki » 27 March 2012, 15:14

Playoffs are going on and only 64 of the 128 coaches are still in the competition.

The second matchday began March 23rd, and in Jim&Bob league, there's some stir going on! Indeed, Andriy (the current World Champion) is getting ready for his next match and his opponent, saintpaul, knows he will have to get the best out of his team if he wants to succeed and push away the champion of the competition!

- In Goblin's Scribes, peter walsh and Darky will play on Thursday,
- In College of Magic, Managarn played against Avian and the final score is 2-1 to Avian,
- Finally in Cabalvision, Mallak confronted Cyrlesire yesterday and won 2-1.

After those first days, some teams feel tired but if nobody has suffered a 8-0 defeat, this is probably due to the fact that coaches of the World Cup 2012 have a lot of experience. Nothing has been decided yet and only the best will be headed for the top!
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Re: World Cup playoffs : matchday 2!

Postby Ganlin » 30 July 2012, 16:48

no stream? for twithtv or own3dtv? im newbie and i need learn to play and i like tournaments so please , put on youtube or stream it.

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