interview of the Jim& Bob finalists

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interview of the Jim& Bob finalists

Postby pibrac » 15 May 2012, 07:07

1) Where do you come from and which league (public or private? ) did you qualify with?

andriy: Im from Zaragoza, Spain and i qualified in "Piel de Minotauro" private league.

Kaltenland/xxcha: I'm from Torino (Turin) in the north west corner of Italy.
The city is famous for Juventus, FIAT, the Winter Olympic Games of 2006, but we have also an important egyptician museum and many other beauties.
I'm playing in the BBIL and this is the league from i qualified for this tournament, but honestly I still play the Tabletop game more than the video game version.

2) Have you ever played against any of the other coaches left in the tournament ? (including the other leagues: goblin'scrive, cabalvision...)

andriy : I think i only played against Flix 3 or 4 times. He´s for sure one of the best players that i played against.

Kaltenland/xxcha: I've played the first round against Orcreich that is the commissioner of the BBIL, but i know very well Giorss cause he lives near me and he played a lot in the same TT League where I do.
I knew also Frikipe in the last NAF WC in Amsterdam in which we fight in the 8° round (he won...but i want a rematch as soon as possible )

3) [For andriy] Is it an advantage for you to play vs undead? / [For Kaltenland ] Is it an advantage for you to play vs lezards?

andriy : I think i have no advantages playing against undead, i dont have any tackle in my team, and must be hard to stop the necros.

Kaltenland/xxcha: Lizard is always a hard team to ply against, 6 str4 1 str5 and 4 ma8 players make them one of the best team in the game.
Undead are good too and are perhaps a little more elastic and have more way to go towards the end zone.
In the clash of the LOS is probably the key of victory : the first to achieve 1 or 2 cas will have the biggest opportunity

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Re: interview of the Jim& Bob finalists

Postby Freki » 15 May 2012, 13:36

Thank you pibrac for the interview!
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