How to deal with ties in rankings?

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How to deal with ties in rankings?

Postby Bruti » 07 December 2013, 04:21

Hey everyone,

we just finished a season in Blood Bowl, and are about to start the playoffs. We are trying to figure out how the match works for the standings.

We had two teams finish with the exact same record 4-1-2. We don't know how they separated them, here's what it looks like.

Team Goblin (13pts)4 -- 1 -- 2 TV 970 TD +/- 0 4

Team Lizardman (13pts)4 -- 1 -- 2 TV 1520 TD +/- +9 FF 7

**Note: In the season, the Lizardmen beat the Goblins, they only played one games.

We don't want to change the rankings, we just want to understand the math/stats involved, because we are all types of confused. =)

Happy Blood Bowling. =D

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Re: How to deal with ties in rankings?

Postby BloodSkull » 06 January 2014, 03:59

In most sports they would chose the Team that beat the other to rank higher, or you can look at the Touch downs For and Against Ratio the team with the better ratio would be ranked highest.

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Re: How to deal with ties in rankings?

Postby Tavares » 22 March 2018, 18:29

I do agree with you. I have started playing recently and we do the winner based on ratio. That's the most simplest way and i dont see any disagreement also.

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