low fidelity graphics, somehow?

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low fidelity graphics, somehow?

Postby pazmacats » 28 January 2014, 19:35

I was wondering if anybody knows a way to configure the graphics in order to make it easier to actually play the game.
Currently it's difficult for me to play more than 1 match because of the colors and flashing lights everywhere on the screen.
Also: When playing mirror matches it's very difficult to actually tell who is on which team. Or is it just me? Is there any mod to recolour the teams (so that for example red shirts are red, not 5 colours + some red)
Will changing shaders improve the situation? Are there any mods to remove all FX, bloom, glowing, shadows, reflections?
Are there any mods to clean up the pitch (with a grid)?

If anybody has any helpful advice, I'd appreciate their help!

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Re: low fidelity graphics, somehow?

Postby Tavares » 22 March 2018, 18:44

I think you should check out your device setting in case if it is set to some mode which is distorting the color quality. Otherwise it looks quite normal over her

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