How To Change Models Properly?

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How To Change Models Properly?

Postby Wizu » 16 January 2015, 18:40

Alright, I have tinkered prodded and poked with trying to mod my CE edition to be more to my personal liking, for example change some wood elves with dark elves and the like - and I have run into a conundrum!

Step by Step for those who wish to do the same with better explanation, example of changing hobgoblins with beastmen;

Step 1; Backup the original miniatures files by going to ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Blood Bowl Chaos Edition\Data\3d\Skin\Team\ChaosDwarf\ and copy pasting everything to safety.

Step 2; Delete all the files EXCEPT Hobgoblin.kfm under ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Blood Bowl Chaos Edition\Data\3d\Skin\Team\ChaosDwarf\Hobgoblin\

Step 2; Go to ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Blood Bowl Chaos Edition\Data\3d\Skin\Team\Chaos\Beastman\ and copy all the files EXCEPT the .kfm one over to ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Blood Bowl Chaos Edition\Data\3d\Skin\Team\ChaosDwarf\Hobgoblin\

Step 3; Rename the copied BeastMan.nif to Hobgoblin.nif and BeastMan.kf to Hobgoblin.kf

Step 4; ???

Step 5; Find out that everything works flawlessly except you cant change neither skin colors or shapes of the new model!

So, dear modders extraordinaire, now that all the old modding forums have gone the way of the dodo (I swear I cant even find in the wayback machine anymore =/) I need help on the next bit so it works flawlessly and anyone who wishes to do the same procedure can get their new shiny models to work too.


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Re: How To Change Models Properly?

Postby BloodSkull » 17 January 2015, 14:46

I don't really know what you are really trying to accomplish with the models. If it is a straight up exchange ie Beastmen figurines on the chaos dwarf team.

Step one: Copy the Main.db to some where Safe and make another working copy because editing the file in the Directory sometimes doesnt save.

Step two: Open the working Main.db. Go to the Player Types Table. Locate the Hobgoblin and Replace the Team_ChaosDwarf_Hobgoblin with Team_Chaos_Beastman in DATA_CONSTANT.

Step three: Copy the working copy into the main directory

If you are making all new models you need to the Hobgoblin .KMF in the folder and work around it.

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Re: How To Change Models Properly?

Postby Wizu » 17 January 2015, 16:20


I knew I was doing something wrong. So basicly, what I horribly miscalculated was that moving files was unnecessary, and all I needed to do was to use SQLite to modify the main databate. Thanks! Alright, I shall proceed to tweak and twiddle and shall report back of results soonish!

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Re: How To Change Models Properly?

Postby Wizu » 17 January 2015, 16:42

Yes... yes... YES!

Alright, so what you need is a program called SQLiteStudio - >

Then you open it, go to your documents folder in windows and find the bloodbowlchaos directory -> saves -> Campaings and connect to the database of your save file.

It opens a new tab on the left, open it (its the savegames name) and it opens a new window. In this new window scroll down to Player Types and voila, any kind of tweaking you wanna do is at your fingertips! Make treemen look like halflings etc is possible, as long as you follow BloodSkulls instructions. Just swap out the names of the positionals to whatever you want to fill the spot. This keeps the original stats and only changes the looks of the model, too.

Time to make an all witchelf team using pro-elf stats! <3

Thanks all for your help!

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Re: How To Change Models Properly?

Postby slayer8080 » 14 October 2015, 22:22

Does not work for me !

Every time i change my human blitzer to look like griff and the ogre to morg i get crash to desktop when going to team roster or display team.

I edit my save in documents and the cache under player types and data_constant, hit commit and get crashed to smithereens everytime plz help !

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