4 Exclusive Wallpapers

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Re: 4 Exclusive Wallpapers

Postby LunchMoney » 10 January 2012, 21:15

Hey Blood Bowl coaches, do you want to feel the atmosphere of Blood Bowl even on your desktop? What better than wallpapers? Here are 4 exclusive wallpapers for you! Do not hesitate to share it with your mates!

You can find it on the Facebook page of Blood Bowl

Thanks to Karl Kopinsky for those wonderful Artworks!
And for those persons, who for a great many reasons, dont touch stalkerbo...er... facebook, why not post them on your own website and forum?
Contact lunchmoney@exilesleague.com
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Re: 4 Exclusive Wallpapers

Postby zgnity » 16 January 2012, 14:19

... Low resolution ... Can't read text ... over ...
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Re: 4 Exclusive Wallpapers

Postby Kamano » 18 January 2012, 11:39

Those Wallies are available in a high resolution (16:9 only though), you have to find and click the small "Download" Link below the images. You have to click them all seperately.
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Re: 4 Exclusive Wallpapers

Postby razor1uk » 26 September 2012, 17:47

Ok, apologies if this the wrong thread - I don't think anyone would spend time to go through so many pages of topics to find th correct one, unless they were very bored, had a lot of caffine etc, so I am possibly comitting a sin by posting a self arranged fan-art BB wallpaper by myself, inspired by a few google searches...

Please Mods, if this in the wrong area/thread, please if you have time etc, move to where it should be along a pm letting me know where, cheers :D
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4 Exclusive Wallpapers

Postby Michaelflecy » 04 July 2018, 17:30

I bought the game on alpha and I have a friend who wants to buy it too, but wants to wait for the official release. So he has this question: “If I buy the game on alpha, will I get an alpha-exclusive item to use in the official release?” i.e. color, level-up bonus, etc.

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