Percy's Trollcast - Blood Bowl Podcast

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Percy's Trollcast - Blood Bowl Podcast

Postby Raveen » 09 October 2015, 12:56

Hello everyone and welcome to the inaugural Percy's Trollcast. The Trollcast is the only Blood Bowl podcast that's hosted, edited and produced by a Troll, Percy the Troll! Percy is helped by Dave and Ol, a couple of so-called humans.

This episode we do a very brief run-down of the history of Blood Bowl from the mid-80s to the present day including our own past with the game. Then there's a look at the human roster, it's players, strengths and weaknesses. Finally we take a look our on-line Blood Bowl League, the Rolling Thunder Blood Bowl League (RTBBL), which has just finished it's 6th season with a knockout Cup competition. for the episode or is the rss feed to subscribe to.

We play BB1 mostly although we mention BB2. We're hoping to help new players so hopefully some BB2 players will get some benefit from what passes for our wisdom.

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