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Everything dealing with the video game developed by Cyanide!
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Useful Links

Postby MILLANDSON » 02 October 2011, 08:47

Many thanks to Cyberpope, who created the last version of the "Useful Links" thread! Cheers!

Password issues: support at
The "forgot password" link has never seemed to work, so send an email to the above address. Don't expect a reply at the weekend.

Glossary - A guide to the sometimes arcane language and abbreviations of Blood Bowl.

LRB 6 rules - The Blood Bowl Rule Book
Changes from LRB 5 to CRP/LRB6 - originally posted by GalakStarscraper and found on Google cache.
Inducements part 1 - An explanation on how they work, and the text by Galak about how the Bank (should have) worked.
Inducements part 2 - What you can spend your inducement cash on in-game. Includes a star player list. This refers to classic mode (including most public online leagues). The second post includes the racial scrolls which are available in Blitz mode.
Spiralling expenses - the reason you're losing gold at high TV. Also, some commentary/discussion about it.

BB:LE patch
BB Dark Elves edition patch
BB Standard Edition patch

- Talk Fantasy Football nee Talk Blood Bowl Possibly the biggest forum for Blood Bowl, that isnt specific to one group/league.
Blood Bowl Digital - Useful site for Blood Bowl Mods
The NAF - The spiritual home of the tabletop game, and where you'll find everything you need for the TT enthusiast.

Blood Bowl Manager Download - Download page for Blood Bowl Manager
Play Creator - Design Blood Bowl Plays/Formations
Odds Calculator
Passing Template - PDF with Passing information

Mods Be sure then back everything up before you try mods.
Community content pack - lots of very nice graphical modifications.
BBLE Conversion Mod - huge mod by Rayon_Delta
Removing the snow from the Norse pitch - links to instructions on the excellent
Plague Pitch - from Ferrolho
GUI update from NoJeb on Reddit

Game manual - also available through your Steam library: click the Manual link in the right-hand menu
BB Tactics - Strategy site
Plasmoid's Playbooks - Race specific strategy guides
The Art of Blocking - PDF strategy guide on blocking
League Creation in Multiplayer - how to make your own barrel of fun for your friends.
Guide for creating new teams - NOT supported in-game, but if you want to let the creative juices flow and come up with your own themed team this guide was put together by one of the BBRC.
Let's Play by Spoonie. WARNING - mildly explicit.

If you think anything else should be added to the list, just post it up here, and one of the mods will add it in!


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Re: Useful Links

Postby CyberPope » 08 October 2011, 09:05

Nothing like starting from scratch... again. =)

At least we knew this was coming this time.

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Re: Useful Links

Postby MILLANDSON » 08 October 2011, 10:36

And at least we were able to copy over many of the important threads that would have been a total pain-in-the-arse to replace :P


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Re: Useful Links

Postby Grumsch » 17 October 2011, 12:59

Thank you a lot for this wonderful list!

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Re: Useful Links

Postby soapmode » 15 May 2012, 02:34

The link to the Community Content Pack is for the old thread. Could someone please change it to the new one? Cheers.

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Re: Useful Links

Postby dode74 » 15 May 2012, 06:03


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Re: Useful Links

Postby Hawca » 19 July 2012, 04:51

Great stuff
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Re: Useful Links

Postby BothDown » 23 August 2012, 03:20

What about podcasts?

Both Down ( (the best of course, but I might be biased)
Zlurpcast (
3 Die Block (

And the NAF, the tournament ranking website and forum.

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Re: Useful Links

Postby Montelleke » 02 January 2013, 20:13

Where can I find a manual of the PC game: I'm looking for an overview of the shortcuts to show team names vs position / change camera view / show movement grid / have a permanent chat screen or overview of the dices rolled....
Many thanks in advance for your help.
(P.S.: apparently I didn't get a manual with my game)

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Manual please.

Postby Harbinger8 » 03 February 2013, 00:28

I second this request.
I have the teeny instruction book that came with the disc though.

One can buy a manual on-line or at a B&M store for nearly every computer game out there.
Sometimes, for the big names in the industry, there are even two or three different manuals.
Why does there not seem to be one for this game?

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