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Re: Changes You Would Make

Postby MalicWanderer » 25 September 2016, 12:22

Chaos still require doubles for the Pass skill. The EA thing isn't a change at all.
Right, my point is that they now only need one double (and some normals) to get a viable passing game. Previously they'd need at least two or three doubles (a Pass and a couple Catch.) Thus they get a lot of benefit. Undead, for example comparison, still need a double for Pass, and the Ghouls still only need normals to be better catchers. DC is better than EA for that, +all the other A skills that are nice on a receiver, but none of that is actually changed. The biggest change is you don't need the Catch skill anymore, which should be of greater benefit to the team(s) that had a harder time getting it. Dwarves should actually be boosted a good bit for the same reason. They can already turn a runner into a decent passer pretty easily, and now they don't need any level ups at all to turn the rest of the AG 3 pieces into half decent catchers. Lack of an easy +1 to make the catch a 2+ is a bit of a hold back tho. As is only having one MA 6 receiver. Which is why I say they get a lot of improvement, not that they become super good at it.
Developed AG3 with a dedicated thrower aren't required to spend as many skill slots to get the same modifier: they can pass to anyone and get the reroll on the pass.
Yes, but they can't get that second reroll (as in, rerolling both the pass and the catch, without a team rr) at all.
I understand your objections, but disagree with you on them. We're well into the realms of theorybowl regarding how it is used, though. We do agree that the disparity between stalling and scoring is the issue, just disagree on how to address it: I would give certain teams an easier method of scoring (in response to a stall, potentially making the stall harder) while you'd change something(?) about stalling.
Fair enough. Frankly I don't know what I would change, and in all honesty I kind of doubt there is a change that will fix the issue without breaking something else. I mean, technically the problem exists in real football too, (ie, scoring is not always the best thing you can do re: increasing odds that your team wins the game,) it's just that real football is played by actual human players who have to make decisions based only on their own limited perception and in real time while the action is happening, rather than by plastic/pixel men controlled by all-seeing god-coaches who know every detail of the exact state of the pitch and everyone on it, and can spend several minutes planning out moves that are made in sequence, as if time were paused for all but one player at a time.

Or, in more prosaic language, it may just be an inherent flaw of having a clock-based game in a turn-based system. But who knows, maybe somebody comes up with the perfect solution someday. In the meantime we could always just go back to Real Time Blitz Mode. ;)

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Re: Changes You Would Make

Postby Scram Lyche » 26 September 2016, 18:51

I have another one.. edited OP

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