Amazon Super Blitzer

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Amazon Super Blitzer

Postby splendidplumage » 09 October 2011, 02:38

I have a blitzer on my Amazon team who already got +1 str and +1 ag.

She just leveled up and rolled an 11.

I think I am going to take it to get a 6 4 5 7 Block Dodge player.

What should be her main role though? She can pretty much do everything better than any other player in the team.
(There is a 6437 player, 2x 6347 players and a 7337 player in the team too)

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Re: Amazon Super Blitzer

Postby MILLANDSON » 09 October 2011, 07:22

I'd definitely take the Agility, and then she can be your go-to-person for grabbing stray balls out from under the noses of the opposition, and then passing them away.


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Re: Amazon Super Blitzer

Postby Viajero » 10 October 2011, 00:49

She can do her usual blitzer grinding job... at ST4 she can afford it. Plus she can be an option ball carrier when you need some security, Blodge and ST4 is very difficult to steall a ball from. Expose her only when really necessary or she will be fouled to death fast.
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Re: Amazon Super Blitzer

Postby HC-Vanselow » 13 October 2011, 16:01

:D As an Amazon coach (The Balthazaar Bay Valentines in the NAWBB who have a record of 1-1-2), I'd personally take the AG + for the aforementioned purposes of picking up scattered balls and chucking the pigskin to a safer location (Maybe Nerves Of Steel would work as well on this player).

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